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New Advent Sermon: Finding Peace When Holidays are Hard

December 12, 2017

Advent Sermon

Last Sunday I had the opportunity to preach about something that I’m very passionate about: How do we find peace when the holiday season is hard because of grief, loss, pain, or missed expectations? You can watch the sermon below:


And, yes, I’m painfully aware (now) that my shirt is largely untucked the entire time in the video. I wasn’t aware at the time, unfortunately. Right before going up to preach I had put the microphone wire through my shirt so it wasn’t dangling, and apparently, I forgot to tuck my shirt back in afterward. Hopefully, it doesn’t distract you as much as it did me.

I’m also aware that my last name is misspelled – perhaps “Custor” is a British spelling, like adding a “U” to lots of words?

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