My name is Jason Custer and I am currently a seminary student at Dallas Theological Seminary. I love theology, music, art, traveling, and people. My heart is to eventually become a pastor of a smaller congregation, but for the moment I work for an airline and read books and do some graphic designing on the side.

I could tell you all kinds of things “about me” but I have always found that quotes tend to articulate my thoughts better than any words I can conjure up myself. One of my favorite quotes comes from Goethe, who says that “a shared joy is a doubled joy.” That’s why this blog exists – because my joy is doubled in sharing things with others, and (hopefully) your joy is doubled by what I share.

My posts are sort of a conglomeration of different subjects as they come to me. Sometimes I write on theology or practical life. Sometimes I write book reviews or summaries. Sometimes I just link to resources (songs, articles, poems, etc.) that I find helpful.  Since I work for an airline, I travel a lot, and I’m trying to write more about my experiences flying around the world.  There’s really nothing novel in anything I write – I stand on the shoulders of many giants,  but I find that writing helps me remember and recount what I am learning and experiencing.

Recently I’ve become interested in graphic design and have plans for a couple of different series of minimalist images. I’ve finished my first one on the Apostles’ Creed (which you can see here). I’ve got ideas for some more series on saints, perhaps councils, and individual books of the Bible. I’ll try to post more as I complete them.

I would love your thoughts and feedback on any of the sections since I know I have much to learn! Thanks for coming to visit and sharing in my joy.


– Jason