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Contemplating Chemotherapy: Day 3-7 – The Drop-Off

First of all, let me quickly apologize to those of y’all who have emailed me or texted/called and not yet received a response from me. This post should help make sense of why I haven’t been too timely in my response. (How’s that for…

September 6, 2016
Life & Health

Contemplating Chemotherapy: Day 1 – Intro to Chemo

I have decided to blog my way through my next four-month experience with chemotherapy (which I am undergoing to treat my invasive and possibly life-threatening desmoid tumor in my abdomen). I imagine it will come out something like the short series I did when…

September 1, 2016
Life & Health Theology

Meditations on Surgery XV: God’s Amazing Body!

s!!!WARNING!!!This is a warning to let you know that there are pictures of anopen wound in the post below.If seeing a deep, open woundmakes you at all queasy ordisturbs you, then I wouldsuggest that you not readthe post below.If seeing an open wound doesnot bother you, then feel free to…

July 2, 2010