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Trees, Transitions, and the Patient God

I like trees. I’ve been thinking a lot about trees recently. I mean, who doesn’t like trees? Maybe trees are on my mind because I watched The Tree of Life last night (which is probably the most beautiful movie of all time). Maybe they’re on my mind…

September 19, 2018

Sermon: Knowing (or Being Known by) God

I was #blessed to be able to preach at my church yesterday morning and wanted to share the video/audio here. Because it was Trinity Sunday, I tried to add some Scripture reading/liturgy to the service, and then we did communion afterward – so the actual…

June 12, 2017
Life & Health Theology

Joy and Sadness Mixed on Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day! For some, it really is a happy day – a day of remembering the selfless love of someone who gave them life, or gave life to those they love. But this year, for probably the first time in my life, I…

May 14, 2017
Life & Health Theology

Silence, the Death of God, & Holy Saturday

Silence has been a great companion to me recently. I mean both the word “silence” and at the same time the movie/book Silence. For many people, that seems like an odd or dismal thing to say. Silence can be maddening. Everyone starts fidgeting in church…

February 16, 2017
Books Theology

Reflection and Discussion of: Silence – the Book & Movie

I will say without reservation that Silence has already become one of my favorite movies, and is likely to remain in that position for a long time (right behind Calvary – which is amazing). Part of this is because it magnificently adapts Shusaku Endo’s book, Silence…

January 31, 2017
Life & Health Theology

The Dark Night of the Soul

This past weekend I had the opportunity to share about my own personal “dark night of the soul” with my church, both as I taught Sunday School and in a 10-minute interview as part of panel during the main service (which you can watch…

November 2, 2016

Jesus Wasted 30 Years: Advent & the Agonizingly Slow God

Jesus wasted 30 years of his life. If he came in the incarnation to save the world and bring new creation quickly, then Jesus really screwed up. 30 years?!? How slow and inefficient. And that was after waiting for at least 2,000 years since…

December 22, 2015
Resources Theology

Come Sit Beside Me on My Mourning Bench

“To comfort me, you have to come close.  Come sit beside me on my mourning bench.” – Nicholas Wolterstorff, Lament for a Son Grief often isolates us, even amongst those of us who grieve the loss of the very same person or thing. I…

December 17, 2014